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  • A Collaborative Approach to Estate Planning

    A proper estate plan reflects your individual circumstances. The strategies you choose today will impact you and your loved ones in the future. Together, we’ll draft an estate plan that aligns with your goals.

  • About My Firm

    One of the main priorities of my firm is to help my clients save two of the most valuable resources: time and money. With our cost-effective strategies and guidance to help you avoid setbacks, we prioritize your best interest over our own.

  • Debt Collection

    When you receive a collection letter or a phone call demanding that you pay off an old debt you allegedly owe, or that you’re being sued for this debt, you may feel intimidated. Before you reach for your wallet, speak to an experienced attorney who can provide you with legal options and inform you of your rights.

Knows his stuff

I have used Mr. Ginns on various occasions for both my business and personal legal representation. He is knowledgeable of the law and works hard to protect my interests. I have also recommended him to friends who have been very satisfied.

Great Experience!

Steven was very professional in taking care of my needs. I had done significant work for a larger corporate client in FL who later decided not to pay. They had no reasons for non-payment other than that the company had changed management. We obtained a judgement first and then started the process of collection. Steven helped me collect about 70% of what was due through negotiation despite claims from the company that they were "uncollectable". His fees were reasonable and he treated me fairly.

Highly recommended for debt collection

Tenacious, unrelenting, focused, disciplined, aggressive, well mannered, polite, strong. The best attorney I have ever hired. On several occasions collected debts due to me. Hung in there all the way. Very familiar with court procedure. Respected my wishes, never forcing me to compromise. I am a Florida CPA and have recommended Steven to my clients on several occasions.


The founding member of our firm, Steven Ginns, P.A. serves clients in several areas of law, including estate planning and all that entails (wills, trusts, probate etc.), debt collections, evictions, landlord/tenant disputes and civil litigation. We've provided exemplary services to clients in Palm Beach county, Broward county, and surrounding areas for over 20 years.

The management of your funds, whether it be your estate, money allegedly owed to debt collectors or debt buyers, or other legal matters is important. Our goal is to ensure you don't lose money, by helping you avoid lawsuits initiated by tax agencies, prevent unnecessary payments, and provide you with legal options that are cost-effective.

A common misconception in estate planning and similar legal issues is that an attorney is only necessary if you have tons of assets or have a certain net-worth. This couldn't be further from the truth. Even in circumstances when an individual obtains a comparably smaller estate or less funds, it's still crucial to ensure that one's assets are managed properly. It's also important that the distribution of whatever remains after an individual passes is conducted in accordance with said person's wishes, regardless of what they made or owned over the course of their lifetime. With the help of an attorney, a strategy can be developed that reflects the best interest of you and your family.

I'm Always Here To Help

Whatever your legal issue may be, you need an attorney you can depend on to prioritize your needs inside and outside of the courtroom. Many of my former clients can attest to the fact that I will do everything in my power to come up with a personalized approach that reflects your best interest. For a case evaluation, or for more information, contact me today.

Custom Legal Solutions

Each case is different and each area of law requires unique skills. The best way to serve you is to provide personalized legal services and strategic solutions that address your specific needs and goals. Each and every one of my client's cases will receive the individual attention it deserves.

Practice Areas


When you feel like you can't handle the burden of collecting debt on your own, it's time for you to let an expert fight for your creditor's rights.


Now is the best time to address what will happen to your estate when you pass or become unable to manage your own affairs.


Evicting a tenant in Florida involves a complex legal process. I will work hard to resolve your evictions case and help you understand your rights.


Proper guardianship for adults can ensure they receive the support and care they will need in the event of a mental disorder, incapacity, or any other condition.


I've helped numerous clients resolve landlord and tenant disputes effectively and efficiently.


Establishing a plan for your will or trust is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Estate planning and debt collection issues are legal matters that are time sensitive. I am accessible at practically all times of the work week and on weekends to ensure that you are never without help. Contact my firm today for more information about your case.